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Nutritional Information Panels

Nutritional information panels

Nutritional information panels help consumers understand what’s in the products they purchase. Food products should meet the NZ government requirements for nutritional labels. Your food product will need to be tested to determine its nutritional profile, then labelled with this information.

Awanui Scientific carries out full nutritional testing profiles to meet the minimum requirements for food package labelling. If required, the Certificate of Analysis will include a breakdown of components per 100g and per serving size. We work with a range of food product manufacturers within New Zealand and we’re happy to advise you about various options for nutrition labelling and testing.

Download the nutritional information sample submission form here.

Awanui Scientific can also provide preservatives and additives testing for food products to ensure requirements for New Zealand food regulations are met.

To find out more about our nutritional information testing services, or to request a quote, please contact us.