Jurgen Goossens

Jurgen Goossens


Section Leader – Food Chemistry

Jurgen graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Industrial Chemistry in Ghent, Belgium. He started his career in Antwerp as laboratory analyst for INEOS Oxide, where he quickly moved into research and technical development and later became one of the youngest lab supervisors in the company. In 2006, he made a career move and studied nuclear science to become Health and Safety Officer – Radiation Protection in one of Belgium’s seven nuclear power plants.

In 2008, he relocated to New Zealand with his family and worked for 5 years as production scientist for Donaghys. After a sabbatical and a year of study at Otago University, he became first mate and skipper of MV Monarch where he took tourists on guided tours in the Otago Harbour.

In 2019, Jurgen started as Senior Technician and 2IC in the Awanui Food Chemistry Department in Mosgiel and became Section Leader in 2021, where he now combines his years of laboratory experience with the passion for problem solving and developing new tests and techniques.

In his personal time, he enjoys going out on the yacht with the family, heading out for a bike ride or going hunting. Besides brewing new IPAs or Belgian style ales, his skills in distilling have resulted in some very popular gins and other fruity spirits. He is also bass player in a local friends band.

T: 03 489 2368 (ext 3482)