We are now Awanui Scientific

On 27 February Gribbles Scientific changed to Awanui Scientific.

Our new name Awanui Scientific, brings us together with the medical and veterinary laboratory brands and network of services, laboratories, collection centres and people under a unified Aotearoa New Zealand name for the first time.

Moving to become Awanui Scientific is a significant milestone for our organisation. Many may not be aware that Gribbles Scientific is part of a nationwide network of laboratories that span Aotearoa. The eight medical laboratories and veterinary laboratory also owned by Awanui Group have also changed their names to Awanui Labs and Veterinary respectively.

Awanui translates to ‘big river’ and was chosen to represent the coming together of our services nationwide and speaks to the proud history and strong connection to the communities we support. Like our nation’s rivers we intersect and join. We join together as Awanui.

Alongside the 2,000+ strong team across our network who contributed to this mahi (work), we were privileged to have partnered with Te Reo Māori and Mātauranga Māori experts in health who offered their perspectives to guide and shape the final decision of our name and design.

Please note: The change is just in our trading name and there will be no change to the way you interact with us financially, this will be APHG NZ Investments Ltd T/A Awanui.

So, what will be different?

Next week (or maybe already), you will see Awanui Scientific and the new branding appearing at your local laboratories, where we have offices and people and, on our vehicles, staff clothing and reports.

We recognise our valued Gribbles Scientific customers know and trust our current name and brand in their region. Our customers will continue to see the same great people, in the same place, and can be confident in receiving first-class laboratory and pathology services, but with a different name.

Ka tū mātou i muri ki te hauora o Aotearoa
We stand behind the health of Aotearoa New Zealand

For more information about the brand change visit www.awanuigroup.co.nz