Cybersecurity – laboratory results

As part of our company’s enhanced security protocols, our IT department have asked for resets of all passwords protecting sensitive material. This affects both internal and external sites.

As a starting point, we are asking you to reset your password for the most sensitive data . . . patient results via eResults.

So the next time you log in to eResults, PLEASE reset your password. If you have not used your account since the beginning of 2019, we will be deactivating it, and you simply need to give us a call to have it reactivated.

To reset your password in eResults, just click on “CHANGE PASSWORD”. This can be found on LHS of the desktop homescreen or from mobile device choose SETTINGS then CHANGE PASSWORD. Easy!

PS. This might be a good time to change your password for other applications as well. Our IT department recommends the following format for super safe passwords: symbol-phrase-number. This format makes the hardest to crack passwords.

If you have any concerns or questions, please just call your local laboratory or Territory Manager.